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Fosetyl Al

Trade name: Fosetyl Al
Alias: Aliethe, Epal, LS-74783, Chipco.
Chemical name: Tri(O-ethylphosphonic acid)Al
Molecular formula: C6H18AlO9P3
Molecular weight: 354.1
Structural formula:

Fosetyl Al is white crystal without bad odor. The industrial product is white powder. The melting point is bigger than 300°C. The solubility in water at 20°C is 120g/L , The solubility in nitrile and glycol are both less than 80 mg, the pure and processed products are stable under common storing conditions but will decompose when meeting with alkali.

Fosetyl Al is an extensive antiseptic of two-way conduction. Absorbed by leaves and roots of plants, Fosetyl Al leaves phosphoric acid and sulphosphoric acid. It specializes in curing and preventing frost downy mildew and epidemic disease for fruit, vegetable, flower, cotton, tobacco, rubber, common hop and potato. It can be used by spraying, irrigating root, dipping as well as mixing with seeds.


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