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Fosetyl Al TECH

Fosetyl Al TECH

Fosetyl Al TECH bulk packing for export

Fosetyl Al tech is an extensive antiseptic of two-way conduction. It specializes in curing and preventing frost downy mildew and epidemic disease for fruit, vegetable & flower. It is low toxic to human and animal. Low pollution and can be dissolved into water easily. It can be made into preparation, or following the application of 80% Fosetyl Al WP.

It 600-1,000 times of solution, it can cure such diseases: downy mildew of cucumber, Chinese cabbage and cabbag; epidemic disease of tomato, tobacco black stem rot, cotton epidemic disease, ulcer disease of rubber cut, pepper blast, pineapple rotten disease, rotten disease of orange roots, culm rotten disease and resinosis, rotten disease of avocado roots, pear black star disease, black rot, apple eyespot, anthracnose, grapes powdery mildew, downy mildew, rotten disease of waxberry rhizome, red pulp disease, or downy mildew of ornamental plant, lawn and onion, sheath and culm blight of rice, blast of neck of spike. It can accelerate the growth of plant, or keep the color and fresh feeling of fruit.

Technical requirement:
Fosetyl Al TECH is in accordance with the standard of HG3296-2001.
Appearance: White crystalline powder.
Technical indexes:

First grade
Qualified product
Fosetyl Al, %≥
Loss on dry, %≤
Phosphite (as Aluminum Phosphite ), % ≤
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